Challenge Winners

Kinetic Training LLC is Delta's newest family fitness center. Come enjoy our full line of functional training equipment year round and at your convenience. Need help getting started? Our knowledgeable staff can help create a specific program just for you, to meet any goal, from a young athlete looking to improve speed, agility, and quickness, to the sourdoughs looking to get ready for all the summer hiking, fall hunting, and winter trapping. 


Simple fees
Adults 18 years of age or older-$60 per month
Children 9 and under do not count towards membership.

Couples-$110 per month

Family Price
2 adults and  1 child $150 per month

24/7 access $120 per month 

Pre-Workout/ BCAAs

GOAT Supplements Pre Workout and BCAA Blends
Pre Workout Flavors

Blueberry Breeze
Melon Blast
Electric Pink

BCAA/EAA Flavors



The TRIIB app can be found at the apple store here

Or Google Play here