8 week Get Fit For Summer

8 week Get Fit For Summer

Challenge Details


  1. Who- All Kinetic Training LLC Members
  2. What- This is an 8-week fitness challenge for members. It is a team-based challenge, that will consist of 8 weeks guided workouts. You will be given the workout plan to follow, and a Science based nutritional hand out for recommendations during the event. Your team of up to 4 people will be competing for a cash prize. Prize is subject to number of entries. Winning team will receive 50% of the entry fees.
  3. When- April 4th through May 27th Group Classes will be offered 2x per day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Your group has the option schedule their own hour, or you can complete the workouts on your own time individually. 
  4. Where- This challenge will be hosted at the gym, you will begiven all of the workouts at the beginning if you would prefer to workout on your own.
  5. Why- Summer is just around the corner, and us Alaskans live a very active lifestyle. This is a great way to get together with friends and get in shape for the upcoming hunts, hikes, and all-around adventures. With the added bonus of winning CASH! This is also a great program to follow if you have an upcoming ACFT test as we will be building our strength and endurance working on some of the new core movements of the ACFT like Deadlifts, and the sprint drag carries.
  6. ENTRY- Price to enter is $400.00 per person. This is a member only event, you will need to maintain a current             membership to be eligible for cash prize.
  7. PRIZE- One team will walk away with half of all the entry fees. At the bare minimum 2 teams enter the winning team gets their entry fee back, however there is no cap on prize money. If 5 teams enter your team could win $4000, 10 teams $8000 ECT. The more teams you recruit the more you can win! Good luck!!
  8. Points There are 6 ways for members to earn points

  1. Check-in to the gym on their personal facebook page each time they go.  Check-in’s to your private facebook group do not count.  3 points each check in
  2. Refer a friend or family member to be on your team with you. Referring current members does not count.  10 points per referral.
  3. Post a picture of a healthy dinner you cooked on your personal facebook page and tag the gym in your post.  Posts in the private group won’t count.  3 points per post.
  4. Post a Sweaty Selfie after a workout at the gym or outside of the gym and tag the gym in the post.   Posts in the private group won’t count.  3 points per post.
  5. Pounds lost.  Earn 3 points per pound lost.
  6. Top scores on prescribed workouts Earn 3 points for scoring in top scores on prescribed workouts Men/women/youth/senior division 


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Challenge Info:

8 week Get Fit For Summer

Dates: April 4, 2022 - May 27, 2022

Reg Deadline: April 3, 2022

Participant Standings

Registration: $400.00

Reg Deadline Passed