Our Philosophy

Easy Is A Mindset

"This is hard" those three little words can absolutely kill a workout. Here at Kinetic Training LLC we like to keep a positive attitude because we know that physical fitness is 80% mental. This is more than just a tag line you heard from your coach back in the 90s, the majority of exercise gains come from making new neural connections and gaining the ability to fully control your individual muscles. As you recruit new neural pathways, they activate more muscle fibers and you gain greater stability through your joints, which in turn makes the movement "easier". This is where our saying comes in "Easy Is A Mindset". We like to cue our clients with this phrase every time we hear about something being "hard", as a way to remind them it is going to get "easier". It doesn't make you breath less hard, sweat less, or prevent aches from forming, but it does remind you that you did finish it and you know you can do it again.